It’s No Coincidence That the Happiest, Most Successful Women In Love, Life, and Career Always Seem to Share the Exact Same Traits, Including:

  • Complete Confidence In Any Social Setting: When you are confident in yourself and project that confidence to others, you naturally begin opening doors and “attracting” opportunities (in love, life, and career) to you that would otherwise be missed or unrealized.
  • Follow Their Own Internal Compass: The surest way to “get lost” and not know where to turn in life is to follow someone else’s directions. This is EXACTLY why the most successful, happiest women ALL follow their own internal compass when making major life decisions.
  • Expect More Out of Life Every Single Day: Women who truly live life to the fullest do so because they expect nothing but the absolute best from each and every day they live. And until you demand the most out of life yourself, you will continue to “settle” for the situations you find yourself in!
  • Only Seek Out and Attract “The Right Men”: Although this will be explained in MUCH great detail a little later, let’s just say that the “Right Man” is one that understands, appreciates, and inspires you each and every day—but more on this later!
  • Know How To Ask for What They Want—And Get It: Far too often, we are conditioned to feel guilty about asking for what we truly want and this “mindset” further blinds us to opportunities all around us. But when you finally clear away the guilt and just ask for what you want, an amazing thing happens: You actually get it!

Unfortunately, No One is Simply Born With All of These Traits But You Can Learn Them and Much More In 5 Simple Steps…Introducing:

Amazing Life, Amazing Love: 5 Steps To Creating a Life You Love To Live

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

Hello, my name is Dr. Drema Dial and if you are like most of my clients when they first see me, then you are probably thinking something like, “Yeah right, try living my life and then talk to me about attracting a life I love to live”!

I truly understand that things like “a life I love to live” may seem too abstract or too far away. In fact, I know that getting back to a place where you love life again—or perhaps even for the first time—might even sound downright impossible.

But as a licensed Psychologist specializing in Couples Therapy and depression, I have literally seen and counseled people at some of the lowest points in their life and I can say with 100% certainty:

You Can Turn It All Around And Make Your Life Whatever You Want… But It Begins with Attitude and Purging Those Toxic Negative Thoughts

You know the ones I’m talking about, like:

  • “I’m Not (Pretty, Sexy, Tall, Skinny, etc.) Enough”
  • “I’m Too Old to Find Someone To Love Me”
  • “I Just Always Seem to Attract the Wrong Men”
  • “I Have Always Had Bad Relationships So There Must Be Something Wrong With Me”
  • And so on

But you know what’s wrong with every single negative, self-deprecating thought like the ones listed above?

They Slowly Spread Like a Cancer Until Those Negative Thoughts Transform Hope Into Fear and Destroy Your Life One Piece at a Time.

But just as negative thoughts can destroy your life and leave you powerless to change things, positive thoughts (backed by purposeful action) empower you and restore the hope you need to truly “attract the life you love to live”. It may not happen overnight and there are some serious steps you must take to get there—but YOU CAN:

  • Attract Men that Understand, Inspire, and Love You For Who You Really Are
  • Reclaim Your Inner Confidence So You Can Conquer Any Social Situation
  • Eliminate Self-Doubt and Rediscover Your “Internal Compass”
  • And Live the Life You Truly Want and Deserve without Guilt!

It may not happen overnight. In fact and in just 5 steps with the right mindset, you CAN and WILL Attract the Life You Love to Live. But before we get into the specifics of Amazing Life, Amazing Love, let me tell you a little more about myself and how this incredible program was developed.

Background and Origins of Amazing Life, Amazing Love

From an early age, I was always interested in “what makes people tick”. Pursuing this passion, I earned my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at-Austin.

Although I genuinely love to help people overcome obstacles and attain their true potential, I am also driven by another passion: Teaching. I pursued this passion by becoming an Associate Professor in the Master’s in of Professional Counseling Program (MAC) at Texas State University at-San Marcos and an Adjunct Professor (again in the Master’s of Arts in Counseling) at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX.

Currently, I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Texas and served on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Psychological Association. I specialize in helping clients with:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Body Image Issues
  • Couples Counseling

Amazing Life, Amazing Love was never planned, and actually grew as an organic extension of my counseling services after realizing many of my female clients shared one common trait:

“A Negative Mindset”

So what exactly is a “Negative Mindset” and how is it holding you back from living the life you want and deserve? Although it is truly unique and different for each person, some of the common symptoms of the “Negative Mindset” include:

  • Never or Rarely Want to Learn and Try New Things OR Trying Many New Things But Never Following Through
  • Willing to “Settle” For a Man vs. Going Out and Attracting the Type of Man You Really Want
  • Engaging in Self-Destructive Behaviors Like Drug/Alcohol Abuse, etc.
  • Low Self-Esteem and Constant Struggles with “I’m Not ____ Enough”…
  • Unwilling to Ask for What You Really Want Out of Life or Individual Situations

Basically, the Negative Mindset traps and robs you of your true potential because it limits your ability to recognize and seize new opportunities. So instead of going out and attracting a man who will love, appreciate, and understand you for who you really are, you settle for less or being alone. Rather than pursuing a challenging career that you would love, you settle for a “job” that you hate. And so on.

So what causes this “negative mindset”? Well that truly varies and is unique to each woman but I can tell you with 100% certainty:

You Can Never Reach Your True Potential and Live the Life You Truly Want Until You Purge This Negative Mindset Once and For All…

But make no mistake: You can’t simply “think away” a negative mindset or “just be positive”. It’s going to take work and some very purposeful steps to transform from a “negative mindset” into one that can truly attract a life you love to live.

Amazing Life, Amazing Love Helps You Eliminate the Negative Mindset and Finally Attract the Life You Love to Live in Just 5 Steps

Amazing Life, Amazing Love: 5 Steps to Attracting a Life You Love to Live includes 5 weekly teleseminars designed to transform your negative mindset via a structured series of lessons, exercises, and instruction. Each week, we tear down the walls supporting your negative mindset and rebuild a stronger, more confident “You” that finally attracts the life you LOVE to live!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Week

Week 1: How to Go From Single and Lonely to Single and Loving It

Men actually find the “Single and Loving It” mindset completely irresistible and they can’t help but pursue women who are confident and single. To help you attain this mindset, you’ll learn:

  • What One Trait Men Find Absolutely Irresistible and How to Unlock and Project It With Confidence
  • 5 Things You Can Do Today That Will Rev Up Your Sex Life Tomorrow and Beyond
  • Why Men Fall Hopelessly In Love with Some Women While Refusing to Commit to Others (Hint: It Has NOTHING to Do with Looks, Age, or Money)
  • What to Do About Naysayers in Your Life Who Don’t Want You to Change
  • Exercises and Tips to Motivate Yourself to Stick to the Changes You Are Making

Week 2: How to Eliminate Self-Defeating Thoughts and Relationship – Killing Behaviors

Although it always takes two to make or break any relationship, many of us poison our long term happiness with men with self-defeating thoughts and behaviors (symptoms of the “Negative Mindset”). In week 2, we’ll start chipping away at your Negative Mindset and the symptoms it causes by learning:

  • Diagnostic Exercises That Identify Which Self-Destructive Thoughts and Behaviors Are Driving Men Away
  • How to Learn From Past Relationships so That You Stay on the Right Path In Future Relationships
  • How to “Retrain Your Brain” So That You Seek Out and Attract Amazing Men Who Will Actually Make You Happy (Hint: We are practically “brainwashed” into rejecting the men who will makes us happiest!)
  • How to Purge 3 “Relationship-Killing Traits” That Inevitably Drive the Best Men Away!
Week 3: How to Read People Like a Book So You Can Create and Maintain a Deep, Lasting Connection

In today’s hectic world, it can almost seem like we are constantly engaged in disingenuous “small talk” with virtually every one we meet. In week 3, we are going to break through the barrier of small talk and learn how to form deep, meaningful relationships with the people we find interesting. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Which Words and Phrases Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Relationships and How to Replace Them
  • How to Quickly Diffuse Argumentative or Toxic People You Encounter
  • How to “Disarm” a Self-Protective Trait that Positively Drives Men Away and Causes Them to Stop Pursuing You Immediately
  • How to Make a Man Feel Safe and Understood By You (Do This and You’ll Finally Experience Love without Reserve!)
Week 4: Reconnecting with Your Inner Compass

One of the biggest complaints I hear in Couples Therapy is: “I just don’t feel like I’m living ‘my life; I feel like I have lost myself’”. But when I ask most clients to explain what they would change so that they were “living their life”, they can’t answer because they aren’t connected to their inner compass.

In week 4, the lessons and exercises are designed to eliminate your self doubt so you can start trusting yourself again and reconnect with your inner compass. Only then can you truly know what you want out of life so you can finally go out there and get it! Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

  • Why Comparing Yourself to Other Women Is Only Blocking You From Attaining Your Goals (and What to Do Instead!)
  • The Simple 2-Minute Stress Reduction Exercise to Keep You Focused and Your Emotions in Check During Critical Moments
  • How to Mentally Neutralize Other People’s Opinions of You So They No Longer Hold You Back From Your True Potential
  • How To Avoid the Common Mistake That Makes Women Come Off as Desperate and Insecure
  • How to Completely Control Fear and Self-Doubt During Critical Decision-Making Moments

Week 5: Crafting More Intimate Relationships By Learning How To Trust Again

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after suffering through a bad relationship is to “over-correct” and wait to not extend your full trust to the next person. While you need to be smart and make sure you are dealing with someone who has your best interest at heart, you also need to fully trust again if the relationship is to blossom and grow to its true potential. In week 5, you’ll specifically learn:

  • How to Quickly and Effectively Identify Men Who Are Just Playing Around So You Can Focus on Those with Your Best Interests at Heart
  • Why Men Are Pulling Away From You When You Talk About Your Feelings
  • How to Talk to a Man in His Language so He’s Excited About Helping You Fulfill Your Needs
  • What You Unknowingly Do to Cause Men to Lie To You and How to Stop It so That You’re Both Happy

Every weekly teleseminar builds upon the previous and includes special exercises and transformation assignments to help you fully learn, understand, and implement each lesson. Our goal is to completely purge the Negative Mindset and its toxic symptoms and replace it with one that literally helps you create the life you love to live—in just 5 short weeks.

Printed Transcript of All Training Sessions

To provide you with a convenient resource to review whenever you want, you will also receive access to a downloadable PDF file with a printed transcript from each session of Amazing Life, Amazing Love.

You are free to print each transcript out to create a more permanent reference. Or, you can simply view them with your computer, mobile device or tablet.

Audio MP3s of All Training Sessions

If you want to listen to sessions from Amazing Life, Amazing Love while on the go, every weekly session is also available in convenient audio files that you can download and listen on any device that plays MP3 files.


Amazing Life, Amazing Love Success Tool Kit

As a licensed psychologist specializing in Couples Therapy, I fully understand that the “life changing” breakthroughs never happen overnight—it’s a process. In fact, it can be a VERY complicated process and that’s precisely why I created the Amazing Life, Amazing Love Success Tool Kit—to help you stay focused and on track until you reach every one of your goals!

I personally designed and tested each and every tool in the Amazing Life, Amazing Love Success Tool Kit based upon years of personal research and counseling. These custom tools are designed to help you with the specific challenges on your road to purging toxic thoughts and attracting the life you love to live.

Here is what is included with the Amazing Life, Amazing Love Success Tool Kit:

The Dial Dialogues™

Immediately after registering for Amazing Life, Amazing Love, you will gain access to my signature diagnostic system: The Dial Dialogues. This is to be completed BEFORE your first teleclass as “pre-work” because it is designed to help break down the internal barriers and habits that block personal growth and overall happiness. By completing The Dial Dialogues first, you will be able to learn and implement the lessons from each teleclass faster and with greater ease.

Weekly Check-In Checklist:

Every session in the Amazing Life, Amazing Love program builds upon the previous session. This makes it absolutely vital for you to learn and master each session before moving on to the next. So to keep you on track and ensure mastery of each week’s session, I have included a weekly checklist for you to complete before attending the next session.

10 Ways to Say No and Make People Feel Good About It:

If you ever hope to live the life you truly want to live, then you must master the art of saying “No” without closing doors to future opportunities—and that’s exactly what you’ll learn from this powerful resource!

30 Risks Checklist:

There are many potential stumbling blocks on the road to attracting the life you love to live and every one of them could send you straight back to square one. The 30 Risks Checklist includes 30 of the biggest “Risks” to you reaching your goals and what you can do to avoid them.

Decision-Making Template:

Ever wish you had an unbiased pair of eyes to help you evaluate a situation and make the best choice possible? Well that’s exactly what the Decision-Making Template is designed to do! No, its not a Psychic Crystal Ball but this incredible resource will help “retrain your mind” to systematically evaluate situations and make structured, logical decisions towards achieving your ultimate goals!

And Lastly To Make Sure You Have a “Study Buddy” to Help You Successfully Complete the Program…

You Can Invite a Friend to Attend the Entire Amazing Life, Amazing Love Program With You— Absolutely FREE!

Who wants to go to school on the first day and not know anyone or have a friend in class? Well, I certainly don’t and I imagine the same is true for you so that’s why I am making this incredible offer:

You can choose anyone you want: Your sister, your best friend, or even a distant pal living 1,000 miles away—and they can attend every session of Amazing Life, Amazing Love with you at no charge whatsoever. They will also receive ALL of the bonus materials, tools, and resources including the ability to attend the bonus Live Q&A session during week 6!

That’s right—you get to pick your very own Study Buddy to help you through the program. Don’t worry: You will not be required to provide a name or commit to anyone when you first sign up. When you register, instructions will be provided that tell you how to sign them up.

So what are you waiting for? The life you were meant to live is just 5 steps away….

We only get one shot at life so the question you need to ask yourself right now is:
Am I Truly Living the Life I Want or Have I “Settled” For Less Somewhere Along the Way?

Since you are still here, I think its safe to assume that you want more out of life — now here’s your chance to go out and actually get it! Amazing Life, Amazing Love isn’t just about helping you “attract a man” who will truly love, understand, and appreciate you for who you are (but that is one of the primary benefits of the program!). Instead, Amazing Life, Amazing Love focuses on the much larger and more important task of helping you “attract the life” you truly want to live in just 5 steps—including but not limited to attracting a great man to love and care for you.

Sounds great, right? But right about now you are probably thinking:

How Much?

Don’t worry: I fully understand that times are tight so I promise to offer Amazing Life, Amazing Love at the most affordable price possible while maintaining program quality. But before I get into that, I have one question to ask you:

When Was the Last Time You Honestly Had a “Great Day”?

I am not talking about feeling good for a few hours while out on the town or after receiving a gift. I am talking about being excited to get out of bed in the morning and carrying that enthusiasm and sense of purpose with you throughout the day.

Okay, now imagine that “great day” was your life—each and every day. With this new mindset, you’ll be able to set and achieve incredible goals that you would have thought impossible before attending Amazing Life, Amazing Love.

With this new mindset, you won’t “need” a man to make you happy—you’ll only “want” the right man to complement and help fulfill your new life.
And yes, you will truly be able to attract the life you love to live because you are once again in control of your own happiness.

But it all begins with taking that first critical step:
Telling Yourself That You Will NOT “Settle” For a Life You Don’t Truly Love!

Next, you need to take action.

Every tool, resource, and lesson in the Amazing Life, Amazing Love program was developed based upon countless hours of counseling sessions with clients so they are all 100% effective and fully tested. To come in and see me in person to learn the exact lessons and skills you will learn in Amazing Life, Amazing Love would literally cost you more than $3600 for the equivalent in individual counseling.

But again, I do understand that times are tight right now. And, although having the ability to truly attract the life you love to live is well worth the price of my in-person counseling services, you only have to pay a fraction of that when you sign up for Amazing Life, Amazing Love today:

The entire program with ALL of the incredible bonuses is just $397.


My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be completely satisfied with Amazing Life,
Amazing Love, and if for some reason you aren’t I want to assure you that you will be issued a full refund up to 60 days from your purchase.

The risk is completely on me so you can move forward
with ease and try the course for yourself!

                                                       You have my word on it!

Still Sitting On The Fence?
You Will Also Receive:


Although I am sure you will be absolutely thrilled with Amazing Life, Amazing Love, let’s face it: Nothing beats one-on-one advice and guidance from an expert when it comes to learning something new. This is especially true if you are trying to literally purge a negative mindset and replace it with one that helps you attain the life you love to live!

Here’s How It Works

After you register for Amazing Life, Amazing Love, I will contact you to schedule your free 30-minute Transformation Session.

During our private session, we will discuss your goals for the program and then identify some specific exercises and steps to take to help get you there as soon as possible (in addition to what you will learn in Amazing Life, Amazing Love).

And since it’s YOUR bonus One-On-One transformation session—I’ll also be happy to speak with you about any topic you wish!

Add It All Up and the Amazing Life, Amazing Love Program Has Everything You Need to Attract the Life You Love To Live in 5 Specific Steps

Let’s Recap Everything That’s Included:
  • 5 Weekly Teleseminar Sessions
  • Transcript and MP3 Audio Recordings of Each Session
  • The Dial Dialogues
  • Weekly Check-in Checklist
  • Decision-Making Template
  • 30 Risks Checklist
  • 10 Ways to Say “No” to People and Make Them Feel Good About It
  • Bring a Friend to Attend the Program with You

And don’t forget — you will also receive a FREE 30-minute One-On-One Transformation Session with me!

You didn’t find this page by mistake—you came looking for answers. Today could be the start of a whole new life for you—a life that you can totally control and make whatever you want out of it.

Or, today can just be another day like any other where you “dream” about living the life you love to live—but never get any closer to actually realizing that dream.

By signing up for Amazing Life, Amazing Love, you are finally putting thought into action and are now just 5 Steps away from living the life you love to live.

But as with any decision in life, it’s ultimately up to you. I will only leave you with this:

You’ve already tried compromising, you’ve tried every new self-help idea out there, and you’ve tried “settling” for less than you truly want and deserve out of life but all that has done is lead you to right here. Let me help you end the compromising, and remove the toxic thoughts that are dragging you down so you can finally live a life you love to live every remaining day of your life!







Here’s To Living the Life You Love to Live,


Dr. Drema Dial
Creator, Amazing Life, Amazing Love